Representation of companies’ interests in court


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Representation of companies’ interests in court

Going to court is often the final way to resolve matters when rights are violated. At the same time, taking part in a trial requires a lot of time, effort and specialist knowledge of the process. Even a minor mistake during a trial can lead to the loss of the case and the inability to further restore your rights. Statera Veris is ready to provide qualified assistance in conducting cases both in arbitration courts and in courts of general jurisdiction. We carry out the functions of representative in all instances

Advantages for the client

• Significant experience of judicial representatives 

• Commitment to protecting clients' interests

•  Honest advice on litigation prospects 

• Tracking the statute of limitations, adherence to procedural deadlines 

• Choosing the most optimal operating strategy 

• Confidentiality

• Saving the client's time 

Responsibility and results from us

• Conducting the necessary pre-trial negotiations 

• Dealing with correspondence regarding the complaint

• Pre-trial appeal against decisions in authorised bodies of state power 

• Preparation and submission to the court of the necessary procedural documents

• Monitoring the status of the case, familiarisation with the case

• Participation in court hearings and case management in all instances 

• Legal support of enforcement proceedings 

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