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Contract law

Perhaps all of us have at some point come across the need to enter into a contract. In an entrepreneurial activity, entering into a contract is  necessary and an important stage of an economic activity. When entering into and executing a contract, various issues or even disputes between the parties to the contract may arise. Statera Veris provides a range of services necessary for the correct formalisation and correct execution of contracts 

Advantages for the client

• A comprehensive approach including tax impact analysis

• Minimising the risk of disputes with counterparties and litigation 

•  Confidence in complying with the law and enforcment of contractual obligations 

• Identifying hidden legal risks 

• Possibility of preparing bilingual contracts ie contracts with foreign counterparties 

• Receiving prompt answers on emerging issues 

• Significant experience of consultants 

Responsibility and results from us

• Helping to choose  the optimal form of contract, including taking into account tax consequences 

• Preparing contracts that best meet the interests of the client 

• Avoiding the risks of the contract being deemed invalid or not entered into 

• Checking out the counterparty, conducting negotiations when agreeing on the terms and conditions of contracts 

• Help preparing the necessary consents and approvals for the transaction (corporate and other) 

• Consulting on issues arising in the process of fulfilling contractual obligations 

• Assistance in state registration or notarisation of contracts 

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