Function of finance director


Accounting and taxes

Function of finance director

Business planning in line with a  company's strategy. Three main areas should be distinguished – long-term, current, ongoing. Budgeting is a tactical  part of management accounting, based on current and ongoing planning. At the same time, from the financial point of view, both the business plan and the budget are based on the same financial models

Advantages for the client

• Availability of strategic, current and ongoing planning activities

• Visual financial presentation of performance plans and results 

•  Ensuring cash flow planning

• Understanding the profitability of activities, margins and project payback 

• Availability of a flexible financial model for calculating different budget scenarios 

• Objective data through careful collection and sources of information when performing market analysis 

• The work of a team of financiers, marketers and analysts 

Responsibility and results from us

• Development of business plans for various purposes: New,continuous development of  existing strategy, loans, investors, grants 

• Formation of a budgeting system in the company, including using the flexible "Beyond budgeting" method 

• Drawing up and updating annual budgets, developing financial models  

• Preparing regulatory documents for planning and budgeting  

• Checking existing planning and budgeting systems, recommendations for changes 

• Analysis and recommendations for budgeting software 

• Providing an integrated approach to the task, taking into account the goals and the specifics of the client's activities  

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