Establishing and maintaining management accounting


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Establishing and maintaining management accounting

Management accounting is a process for collecting and consolidating data on financial and economic activities. It lets you analyse the company's work and provides reports containing buisness operations  information for making management decisions. It differs from normal accounting in the depth of analytics and speed of data processing.  The accounting policy is approved by the company itself and its owners, without the participation of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service 

Advantages for the client

• Up-to-date information about the results of the company's activity through financial indicators 

• Availability of measurable financial indicators for the development of management short term and longterm decisions 

•  Obtaining timely data on the company's financial results 

• Accounting and cost optimisation, increasing the profitability of activities 

• Availability of objective data for planning and budgeting 

• Providing prompt and reliable information about the current state of resources 

• Information on the cost of goods, work, services, contributing to flexible pricing 

Responsibility and results from us

• Analysis of the company's activities and  formulation of terms of reference for performing management accounting 

• Performance of management accounting by determination of indicators for monitoring 

• Routine management accounting by  provision of a package of management reporting 

• Drawing up a management accounting policy and  training the client's employees 

• Creating report templates (developing albums of management forms), dashboards

• Analysis of actual and planned indicators and searching for the  root causes behind deviations 

• Recommendations for achieving set management goals and target indicators

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