Cost and cash flow management


Accounting and taxes

Cost and cash flow management

Structured logical  with integration of all interactions, clarity in the distribution of functions and actions are the key to effective business development. Provision of professional management by  organised  processes. We provide services for setting up and optimising financial, administrative  HR processes, business processes for sales and total supply chain management. We organise a procedure for assessing the effectiveness of existing business processes and offer transformation options to achieve continuous improvement inclusive of documenting the process

Advantages for the client

• Consistent, streamlined lean business processes 

• Minimising duplication of functions, downtime and delays

•  Reducing costs to achieve results 

• Increased customer satisfaction 

• Increased employee satisfaction 

• Reducing risks and increasing the security of doing business 

• Documenting business processes  

Responsibility and results from us

• Consulting on setting up and optimising business processes

• Diagnostics of the main business processes: finances, sales, procurement, personnel 

• Developing options for optimising existing business processes

• Support in implementing changes to developing a positive culture within existing business processes 

• Monitoring ongoing changes  

• Assessing the results achieved 

• Creating descriptions and process charts

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