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Business Planning Budgeting

Timely implementation of the internal control system accelerates the process of achieving the company's goals. It is relevant when scaling up a business, expanding the staff base changing the organisational structure, when the number of business processes inevitably increases. It becomes difficult to keep everything under control, and the manager's responsibility for risk management does not in any way diminish. We recommend an internal control system for all companies, regardless of staff size. It is the ICS that creates the basis for unlocking the organisation's full potential

Advantages for the client

• Achieving strategic business goals within legal and local compliance law

• Increased manageability and control over the business 

•  Optimisation and standardisation of processes, integration of interaction between departments 

• Transparency of processes for owners, managers, staff 

• Improving management efficiency through safe delegation of authority 

• Risk management, ensuring the reduction in their negative impact on the business 

• Creating opportunities for scaling up

Responsibility and results from us

• Diagnostics of the management system, processes, structure, assessment of satisfaction with the current state of affairs

• Identification of growth zones, identification of desired results, development of an action plan 

• Support in the implementation of activities, implementation of changes; conducting training, strategic sessions 

• Preparation of diagrams, descriptions of processes "as is", "as should be" 

• Development of a matrix for delegating authority, limits of responsibility, simple and accessible provisions, instructions 

• Analysis and drawing up of risk charts, development of recommendations for working with risks 

• Monitoring the results of actions and, if necessary, adjusting them 

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