Tax accounting, records and consulting


Accounting and taxes

Tax accounting, records and consulting

Taxes are the primary income source of the state’s budget. A business entity’s tax accounting data serves as a basis for calculating tax. The main objective of tax accounting is to ensure a true and fair representation of operating activities for tax payments. Calculating and planning taxes, compiling tax accounts, and interacting with state bodies are critically important tasks. They affect the company’s performance and require special attention to detail along with the relevant knowledge, competencies and experience. Trust us to get this done!

Advantages for the client

• Certified tax advisors: assistance with different taxes

• Experience in dealing with international treaties: an opportunity to receive a competent consultation on the taxation of transactions when entering into agreements with foreign counterparties

•  Save money and resources: rest easy knowing you haven’t overpaid

• You can always ask questions - we’re on call

•  Minimized tax risks, no claims or fines from the tax authorities

•  Interest in effective results

•  Prompt problem solving

Responsibility and results from us

• We organize tax accounting, and configure and provide support on primary documents and accurate representation of transactions for tax purposes

• We calculate taxes, compile tax accounts in accordance with our methodology and legal requirements

•  We ensure that the accounts are filed ahead of time and that taxes are paid right on time thanks to our refined processes and internal control system

• We form the mandatory policies and procedures stipulated by tax legislation

•  We interact with tax and other state bodies, provide support on tax inspections and look after your interests

•  We advise on taxes and transaction taxation: go deep into the subject, analyze, estimate, offer, recommend and notify

•  We plan and develop solutions to optimize the tax burden

Get expert advice right now!

We help you to choose a legal form and a taxation system, and to make other important decisions.

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