Restoring financial and tax accounting


Accounting and taxes

Restoring financial and tax accounting

If, for some reason, the issue of accounting in an organization is unresolved or improperly resolved, and if accounting has been carried out carelessly and unprofessionally, it will require correcting, and sometimes restoration of the relevant data

Advantages for the client

• An opportunity to get an objective view of the state of affairs

• A prompt and measured result

• Reliable accounting and reporting

• Professional accountants and controllers work with you

• A reasonable approach: only what you really need

• Time saving: we provide full support for the process, ensuring cooperation with tax authorities, counterparties and banks

• You have the chance to ask questions and receive consultation on related issues

Responsibility and results from us

• We carry out a speedy analysis of the current state of your accounting based on data from your accounting system and tax and financial reporting

• We determine the necessary scale of data restoration

• We make reconciliation checks with state bodies

• We organize reconciliation checks with counterparties and request missing documents

• We correct accounting errors, record missing transactions, and settle accounts

• We inform you of the results of your financial and economic activity once the data has been restored

• We compile accounts for the corrected periods according to the restored accounting data

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