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Internal audit

An internal audit is an indicator of the company’s health. It helps to keep owners up to speed. If you want to analyze the company’s current affairs or check the veracity of reports on the organization’s financial state and economic activities, you need an internal audit. The audit is carried out on the chief executive’s initiative and the results serve as guidelines.

Advantages for the client

• Objective appraisal of the company’s affairs

• Convenient auditing time without detracting from the company’s schedule

• Carried out in a friendly and painless manner for your staff

• An opportunity to get an objective view of the state of affairs

• Improved efficiency of the company’s management, tax and financial accounting

• Prepare the company for mandatory audits without fines or reservations

• Confidential audit results

Responsibility and results from us

• We identify the requirements and problem areas of the client

• We present a range of solutions and describe the risks of each

• We work as a team of experts - professional accountant, tax consultant and internal auditor

• We apply our knowledge and international experience to an organization’s business issues

• We generate a detailed report containing the results of the audit and recommendations

• We work with the client to develop a step-by-step remedial action plan

• We carry out mentoring functions and monitor the execution of the action plan

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