Function of the chief accountant Mentorship


Accounting and taxes

Function of the chief accountant Mentorship

Every company registered in Russia must maintain accounting records and file accounts in accordance with Russian legislation. To do this, the company needs a chief accountant or an accounting department with a professional leader in the form of the chief accountant. It all depends on the size of your business. Considering the specifics of your situation, we may take on the role of an individual chief accountant, or of a chief accountant and mentor for your in-house specialists. We help your employees to enhance their accounting competencies through mentoring. We review how the transactions are recorded, calculate prime costs, and determine and analyze the financial result and taxation. We take responsibility for preparing reports and consulting on the most complex accounting and tax issues.

Advantages for the client

• A professional accountant and tax consultant works with you

• A wide range of competencies in a integrated format: accounting in any industry - import, export

• Double-checking of transactions, accounting and accuracy of tax calculations

• Minimized tax risks, no claims or fines from the tax authorities

• You can always ask questions and receive consultation on related issue

• A flexible work schedule to fit with your needs and objectives

• Motivated specialists who are committed to an effective outcome

Responsibility and results from us

• We ensure timely and accurate accounting control

• We configure financial and tax accounting from the ground up, recommending the best accounting system, helping to implement it, and automating your accounting as much as possible

• We manage the work of the accounting department: effective communication, increasing interaction, clearly defined areas of responsibility, points of control

• We develop mandatory policies and procedures, check agreements and monitor deadlines

• We thoroughly analyze the specifics to remind, suggest, recommend, warn and consult

• We ensure the establishment and maintenance of management accounting

• We interact with banks, state bodies and auditors

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