For whom
For start-ups

Great things have small beginnings

A new business is like a child. It requires constant attention, and it changes and grows quickly. It is vital to take proper care of it from the very beginning to achieve the desired results in the long term

Expert support for important solutions

When a business is starting out, it is critical to make a decision on the form of its organization and its tax system. We are here to help you to understand, to analyze opportunities and risks and to recommend the best option.

A good start

If you are building a serious, long-term business, we know how to organize accounting from the first days of the company’s existence in order to establish a foundation for future growth.

We take you under our wing

From registration and opening a bank account to comprehensive support: accounting, payroll accounting, reporting, legal support.

Stable investments

A business’ resources are always limited to begin with. Our internal organization helps to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.

What the numbers mean

How effective is your business? Numbers are the language of business. We teach you how every number affects your business, and help you to understand the nuances of accounting, tax accounting, assets and liabilities.

Get expert advice right now!

We help you to choose a legal form and a taxation system, and to make other important decisions.

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